Why you start a practical partnership with Caveo?


Your clients trust is Caveo’s trust. Caveo is an Arabic licensed company working with ECN/STP system, your deposit is delivered within few hours, as well as your clients get all services that Caveo provides as if they were Caveo direct clients.


Caveo first goal is securing your clients’ trades, so be completely sure that your clients will have the appropriate security for their trades, which means they will be there in the market for a long period of time and you will continue having special commissions (compensatory rewards)

Special Commissions

Your commissions with Caveo will never end, the more clients you have and the more investment amounts they got, the more monthly profits you earn.

Special Service

A unique team works on serving your agency account as well as your clients’ accounts any time during the week.

Investing Relationships

Each one of us has his own multiple relations and connections, invest on those relations and bring more profits to your agency.

Our Goal

Caveo’s goal with any agent is a win-win situation, our gain is your gain.

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