Trade forex with a licensed broker
since 2010 in Kuwait

A collection of integrated services

All that you need for safe and successful trading in financial markets,

as well as advice, consultancy and technical support 24/7 to help you achieve the best bang for your buck.

Copy trading service

Connect your live trading account as an investor with a provider on the Caveo platform.


Professional trading signals that depend on market dynamics.

daily financial analysis

Daily simplified reports on the most important trading opportunities

breaking news

Real-time news service covering everything that affects market movement

risk management

Risk management systems that suit all investors

daily agenda

The agenda highlights the most important upcoming economic events

Caveo mobile

All you need to have a professional trading portfolio

Custom alert

Choose your favorite pairs for which to receive signals and reports.

Trading Risk Calculator

Find out the most suitable contract type for a deal

Buying and selling signals

24-hour real-time trading signals

Analysis and reports

Real-time follow-up on economic events and daily and weekly technical analyses

Trader Factory Academy

At Trader Factory Academy, we provide via short introductory videos a free, step-by-step guide to the basics of trading in Forex.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Trade in international markets and fund your account.