Organizational structure

Caveo Brokerage Company, a Kuwaiti company trading in the financial market, directly connects price providers via state-of-the-art technology, so that the client would be always connected to the market and ready to trade. Our mission is to provide superior experience to traders and investors in the world’s most liquid markets.

Mr. Hossam El Kashif - CEO


On behalf of the Board of Directors of Caveo Brokerage Company, I welcome and thank you for your confidence in investing with us. It is my pleasure to present our development plans for next year.

Since 2017, we have been changing the rules of investing in high-risk financial markets by diversifying the investor’s portfolio to include a range of medium- and low-risk products.

  • Platform. We have established an integrated platform that allows trading through state-of-the-art technology and that includes the most prominent American and European stocks. In addition, through our platform, investors could stay up to date with the most prominent news of cryptocurrency.
  • Servers. The platform is composed of 6 servers with the highest specifications, 4 of which are based in London (for speed of communication between the Gulf and London) and 2 of which are in New York as backups.
  • Academy. We have also completed our e-academy to include a 6 courses that qualify beginners to enter the financial world and reduce risk. Registration to our courses on stocks and a new version of the training system are underway.
  • Mobile. As for solutions to our clients, we have updated and revamped our mobile app, which contains pages for the types of news and analytical content that the investor requires. It also includes the option of filtering alerts for a specific product or content and the addition of dates and arrangements for our quarterly courses.

In 2019, we added an array of services to our clients, such as the ability of an investor to modify their account, to withdraw money from their account online, and to control their leverage, all of which they can do without referring to our customer support team.

Partners also have a big share of our plan for the year – from the pages of agents and their following up with their clients through Caveo’s program/app.

Beginning your journey to be expert in 3 hours

As for training, we have introduced a new course that teaches investors how to analyze stocks and how to financially analyze the company in which they are investing.

“We will also soon be adding services that will give an investor recommendations and signals on stocks, as well as an explanation to each individual signal.”

Mr. Hossam El Kashif – CEO

Organizational structure

  • Eng. Fahd Hady El-Mazeedi


  • Mr. Hossam El Kashif


  • Mr. Mahmoud Fawzy

    Customer Service Manager

  • Mr. Al-Hassan Mohamed


  • Mr. Hassan Arnaout

    Sales Manager

  • Mr. Karim Essam

    Marketing Manager

  • Mr. Amr Emad

    IT Manager

  • Mr. Mohamed Zidan

    Analysis and Training Manager